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Tarragon Vinegar

May 13, 2009

tarragon As you may have read in a previous post , I love trying out recipes with fresh herbs.  I hope to have my own little herb garden soon, but in the meantime I’ve been buying from the grocery store.  Usually, the herbs I am looking for come in those plastic packages from far away places such as Istanbul or Israel.  I know, it’s terribly environmentally unconscious of me.  And I do feel a little bad about it.  Honest, I do!.  So, I would feel even worse if I ended up having to toss any of these herbs out for not using them up in time.  I could see that the tarragon left over from my creamy tarragon chicken recipe was quickly beginning to fade so I searched for tarragon recipes that I could whip up and make use of this delicious herb.  My search returned many links for Tarragon Vinegar, and I recall reading quite a few recipes lately that calls for this flavored vinegar.  Most of the recipes were similar (boil vinegar, add tarragon, let sit for 2 weeks, strain) with some variations in the mix of vinegar and tarragon, the type of vinegar used and little additives such as garlic and peppercorns.  I decided to keep it simple and just use what I had on hand: about 2 cups white wine vinegar and 3/4 cup tarragon.  I heated the vinegar to boiling, removed the tarragon leaves from the stems and chopped them.  Added the chopped tarragon to an air tight glass bottle and poured the vinegar over top.  One more week ’til taste test time.  I hope it turns out!

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